A story about the little scared girl in a very strong woman’s body …

Scared – A story about the little scared girl in a very strong woman’s body

This is a story based on my experiences dealing with athletes, who’s little girl’s voice gets too much control.


Its competition day, and this woman has been training for this day for years. She is fit, strong and ready. Its finally pay off day for all the hours spend in the gym, all the rainy days where she fought her urge to stay home, but still went for a morning run, the early morning and late afternoon workouts, the soreness, the fatigue. She’s ready. Simply because of the fact that she has enjoyed every step of the way, every challenge, ever rainy day, every workout.

Its competition day. She starts the day like every other morning, same breakfast, same routines. The bags are packed, and she is ready to go. No worries, no nervousness, just joy and excitement.

At the venue, she meets up with her friends and co-CrossFitters, they set up a camp, and starts talking about the competition to come. Everything is good. People around her are happy. She is happy and exited.

Time to warm up. She goes through her warm-up routines, nothing new. A thought enters her head: “, Oh, so this is it, this is today, wow .. all these people, Oh I hope I have a good day”. Only reaction to the thought is a little race in heart beat.


She starts talking to the others in the warm up area, not spending more time focusing on the thought. 

As the time goes by during her warm up, she starts feeling more and more uncomfortable. She deals with it by talking even more to the people around her, not paying too much attention to the body’s reaction.

Now it is almost time. 10 minutes before showtime. Her body is warmed up, and she count the minutes for the whole thing to start. Suddenly she feels scared, scared in a way that she haven’t felt in a long time, not since she was a child. It feels weird, and she can’t really explain why.

She warms up some more, not paying attention to her feelings.



SHOW TIME. Its competition day.

She starts the workout, but her body feels weird. Its like its heavy, and slow. Her muscles won’t contract with the same speed as usually. “Wow. What is happening?”. It hurts. “why, it never hurts, I can usually do this, come on”. Tired and pain. “I can’t be tired, I just started, come on”. Way behind the others, can’t seem to control the technique “what is happening, oh, no this can’t be happening!!”. Get 3 no-reps, then one more, and one more. “This is so embarrassing, everyone is counting on me, Im counting on me”.


Panic. She feels like crying, want to give up. Fake an injury. Throw up. Everything to just get out of this mess. This was not the way it was supposed to be. She keeps moving. Slowly, until the time limit for the workout is reached.


This was competition day. She was prepared. Physically.

Mentally, she was still a little girl, scared to fall through, to fail.

And that was exactly what happened. She failed.

 100 percent 586x330 A story about the little scared girl in a very strong womans body …

Dont ever underestimate your most powerful muscle, your brain. Train it. Train it hard.  




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